Endless Winter
[U-ELE004 Unlimited Rainbow Foil]

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    Set: Tales of Aria Unlimited
    Edition: Unlimited
    Finish: Rainbow Foil
    Type: Action
    Rarity: Majestic
    Class: Elemental Guardian
    Cost: 4
    Power: 8
    Oldhim Specialization (You may only have Endless Winter in your deck if your hero is Oldhim.) Ice Fusion (As an additional cost to play Endless Winter, you may reveal an Ice card from your hand.) If Endless Winter was fused, whenever the defending hero adds a defending card to this chain link, create a Frostbite token under their control. If Endless Winter hits a hero, until the end of their next turn, whenever they activate an ability, create a Frostbite token under their control.

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