Buddyfight Ace: Special Series Alternative Vol 1 Buddy Ragnarok

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    All cards from the Japanese version of S-SP02 & S-SP03 will be included as RR or above! Get your hands on all of the cards from just one set!

    Decks including G・EVO, Dimension Dragon, Astrodragon, Linkdragon Order, Godpunk,  Electrodeity, Folktale, Dragonblood Sect, Drametal and MAX Dragon are getting power-ups! Of course, the ever-popular Lost World will be greatly enhanced as well! 

    Gao's buddies (Drum, Bal, Batzz) and Tasuku's buddy, Jack, will also be included with the classic illustrations and brand new abilities!

    Raise your flag to the next level! 

    Included Worlds: Dragon / Magic / Star Dragon / Ancient / Dungeon / Danger / Darkness Dragon / Katana / Hero / Legend / Lost / Hundred Demons / the Chaos

    Set Specifications*:

    • 172 types (Reissue 8 types) SR: 18 / SP: 16/ RRR: 36 / RR: 102
      • 172 cards (1 copy of each) included in each set!  
      • All cards are RR or above!
      • Some reissued cards will return with new illustration and Super Rare (SR) treatment!!

    - $74.99

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