Grading and Authentication Services

Here you will find helpful information on the services we offer for collectible grading and autograph authentication. Should you have any questions after reviewing this information, please reach out to

How do I submit items to you?

At any time, you can bring your items to our physical store located in Oak Ridge North. Our friendly staff will carefully receive your cards and collectibles and safely store until they are sent off for grading.

Additionally, our team regularly participates in local card shows where you can also drop off items. Follow our Facebook page to see where we'll be next!

Lastly, you can ship your items to us if you're located out of town. We will issue an invoice for the amount and once paid, your items will be bundled with others for processing.

How do I get my items back?

When we process grading or authentication items, everything is returned to our physical store by the grader. Once we receive them back, we will contact you by either phone or email to let you know of their arrival.

If you shipped items to us or would like your items sent somewhere else, can facilitate that after they're returned. There will be additional charges for the extra shipping though.

CGC Grading

CGC has been around the collectibles world for over 2 decades. Primarily known for their services in the realm of comic books, CGC has begun branching out into trading cards, sports cards, coin and paper money and others. A recognized and trusted authority in the grading space.

CGC Pricing

Here you will find pricing for trading cards, sports cards and comic books; the three most commonly asked for items to be graded. As an authorized dealer, we can accept coin and paper money as well. Contact use for pricing information on those services. Turn around times are based on when the items are received by CGC. In order to keep shipping costs down, we attempt to get a large enough order assembled first. So while we have these values listed for turnaround times, it may be a bit longer if we're working on a large order. We will communicate that if it is the case.

Beckett Pricing

Beckett has been in the sports card and collectibles arena for almost 40 years! They are well respected and trusted when it comes to grading cards. Here is our pricing for Beckett services.

Autograph Authentication

Got an item that was autographed but no way to prove that's who REALLY signed it? Beckett also offers an autograph authentication service. Once verified, a small sticker is attached to the item with a QR code that shows the autograph is authentic!

Prices for authentication services vary based on the status of the signer. Please reach out to to discuss pricing or find us at a show so we can accurately quote you a price.