Welcome to Space Cadets 2.0

by Space Cadets Gaming Gaming

We've only been in business for coming up on 4 years.  In that time, we have doubled our retail/gameplay space, extensively grown our inventory and adapted the way we do business.  Today we complete another growth marker by launching our updated website!
Our goal is always to making the shopping experience easier for you.  Whether that's logically laying out product in our physical venue or helping you find just what you need in our online portal.  To that end, we have been working (and continue to work) tirelessly to migrate our inventory to this new platform.  We feel that this new site will allow you to drill down to your desired product much easier as well as put new and desirable products up front.
We're still about a week or so out from getting everything entered and tweaked just right, so please be patient with us while we complete this monumental task.  And by all means, let us know if something doesn't look right, you couldn't find an item or category, or you find it too difficult to navigate.  We want to make your Space Cadets shopping experience is out of this world!

- Captain BMac


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