Shining Fates Presales Live

Shining Fates Presales Live
The announcement our Pokemon fans have been waiting for....we're taking pre-orders for Shining Fates! Please read the info below fully.
1. We are not taking order via our website. Having the items on there opens them up to the entire country. The last few presales we've done, product has gone out of state and we'd rather it stay local. So you will need to either call or stop in. Hours are Noon - 8 p.m. daily.
2. We are limiting purchases to 1 of each item for now. This is a highly sought after set already and will be heavily allocated to us. We're doing our best to order plenty of product, but still a good chance we'll get a fraction of what we request. In order to make sure folks get it who want, this is why we're limiting.
3. Release date for the Elite Trainer Box, the Pikachu V box, Mad Party Pin sets and regular tins is currently set for 2/19/21. The Premium Collections and mini tins will follow on 3/5.
4. All prices are MSRP
While we realize this is less than ideal, we're trying our very best to be fair so our guests get a fair shake at product. Please also be patient with our staff as this is a process of doing the presales. Should you have any questions, comments, concerns, please reach out to or contact via the Messenger app on our FB page.
Thank you for your support and understanding.

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