Pokemon: Champions Path Items

by Space Cadets Gaming Gaming

So I don't believe it's any sort of secret, Pokemon: Champion's Path is going to be fire!  Additionally, it's going to be extraordinarily limited.  Normally, we'd have posted the items for pre-sale on our website and I've been saying we would once I knew what the numbers were.  Well, we now know our numbers and it's not pretty.  Sadly though, we are not going to post the items for pre-sale online and here's why.

Due to the wildly high value of products already and postulating that some customers are looking to purchase and flip for a profit, we want to make sure everyone who wants the product has a fair shot at it.  Currently, our web platform has no way of limiting the number of items you can purchase online. Therefore, we are going to be limiting the purchase of Champions Path items to 1 of each per customer in our physical store only.  These items will be available Friday morning at noon.  We will not be able to hold items, but you can call and pay over the phone.

I recognize this is less than ideal and it may not be well received.  However it is always our intention to serve the community and help it grow.  We want to make sure the product gets into as many individual hands as possible.  I hope that you understand our decision and will continue to support not only our venue but our Pokemon community as well.

Thank You for your continued support.

-Cap'n BMac


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