Buylist Hold

by Space Cadets Gaming Gaming

It's no secret that Pokemon is all the rage right now and believe me, there are few happier than us about it!  We have been acquiring some amazing cards recently and our case of singles has never been more stacked with hotness.
That being said though, we are a small staff and only a couple of us are trained AND have the time to sort through these piles and piles of cards.  Therefore, we are temporarily putting out buylist feature on hold.  In the last few days, we have received over a dozen buylist requests, some of which are hundreds of cards.  In the interest of serving all customers, we are going to diligently work on the lists we have to get everyone paid and caught up.  Once the backlog is clear, we will turn this back on.
This obviously also includes walk in requests to purchase cards (which has also become more prevalent).  The exceptions to this will be if you're looking to sell the super hot, high end cards.  We can schedule an appointment to review those and potentially purchase.
We appreciate your understanding and patience while we get through these lists.  We always want to make sure everyone in our venue gets served fairly and at present, we're taking too long to get these complete and not being fair to those looking to get their money.

Thank you as always for being awesome!
-Captain BMac


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